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Feature Types Tool Icon Feature Types

Use Feature Types to automatically identify what types of features are in your data. You can also change the types manually.

Alteryx Intelligence Suite Required

This tool is part of Alteryx Intelligence Suite. Intelligence Suite requires a separate license and add-on installer to Designer. After you install Designer, install Intelligence Suite and start your free trial.

Tool Components

The Feature Types tool has 2 anchors.

  1. Input anchor: The input anchor connects to the data you want to identify feature types in.

  2. Output anchor: The output anchor passes the data with assigned feature types downstream.

Configure the Tool

No configuration is required to use the Feature Types tool. It autodetects the feature types in your data. But you can use the Change Type dropdown to manually select the what feature type you want to assign to a column in the data. To understand more about feature types, visit this page.

In the Configuration window, you can see four columns:

  • Name: This is the name of the column in the input and output data.

  • Input Type: This is the data type of the input data.

  • Change Type: This is the option to change the feature type of the data. To have the tool automatically identify feature types in the data, choose the Autodetect option. To manually select feature types, select a feature type.

  • Output Type: This is the feature type that the tool outputs downstream.


Feature type and data type are not the same. Feature type is used primarily with the Machine Learning tools available in the Alteryx Intelligence Suite, like the AutoML and Build Features tools. Data type is used throughout Designer.