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Green icon with white hexagon inside and a circle inside the hexagon. The circle has arrows pointing from it to the outer hexagon. Poly-Split Tool

One Tool Example

Poly-Split has a One Tool Example. Go to Sample Workflows to learn how to access this and many other examples directly in Alteryx Designer.

Use Poly-Split to split polygon or polyline objects into their component point, line, or region objects.

This is a very specialized tool used for spatial layer development. A typical use of this tool is to disaggregate complex regions that might contain more than one polygon or to separate a polyline into its individual nodes.

Configure the Tool

  1. Choose the Spatial Field object to split from the dropdown list.

  2. Choose from the radio buttons which type of object the split will result in.

    • Points: Splits regions into the points or nodes that make up that region. Each point becomes a record in the output.

    • Regions: Splits regions into their individual component polygons. Each individual polygon becomes a record in the output.

    • Detailed Regions: Splits regions into their individual component polygons and any holes in a polygon are also output as polygons.

View the Output

The Poly-Split tool appends 2 additional fields to the data stream:

  • Split_SpatialObject: This is the resulting split polygon object.

  • Split_IsHole: This is a boolean field, either true or false. True indicates the Split_SpatialObject is a hole. It might be useful to add a Filter tool after the Poly-Split tool (where Split_IsHole is false) to eliminate holes that are attributed to records in the file. This field is only output when you select Detailed Regions in the Poly-Split tool configuration.