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Deactivate a User

If you want to prevent a user from accessing the Server there are 2 options to do so.

  1. Curators (Server admins) can deactivate users. Deactivated users can't access the Server. To deactivate a user go to the User Management page in the Server Admin interface. Select the user and uncheck the Active setting in the Permissions section.

  2. You can also change the user's role to No Access in the General section of the user's profile.

You can't delete a Server user's account.


When a user is deactivated and no longer has access to their workflow, their schedules are automatically deactivated as well.

Admins can use the v3 APIs to transfer ownership of that schedule to another user as long as the new owner has access to the workflow that the schedule references. Namely, by sharing the workflow with them via a collection, making the workflow public, or being in the same studio as the workflow.

Once the schedule ownership has been updated, the schedule can be reactivated.