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Configure SMTP for Server Notifications

The SMTP screen has configuration options for enabling SMTP. SMTP is required for Server to send email notifications for various events, such as registering your Server account, changing your password, or sharing a workflow. Go to the Notifications help page for more info.

  1. Enter the email address from which you want emails to be sent in From Email.

  2. Enter the email service hostname in Host.

  3. Enter a username and password in Username and Password, if the SMTP server configuration requires it.

  4. Select Test to send a test email to the email address in From Email.

  5. The port default is 25 as this is standard for SMTP. You can customize this port if necessary.

  6. If the SMTP server is set up to use SSL, select the Use SSL checkbox.

Deselect Enable SMTP to complete the Server setup without enabling SMTP. Email notifications from the Server are disabled until SMTP settings are configured.