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Image Template Tool Icon Image Template

Use Image Template to create templates for images using annotations.

Alteryx Intelligence Suite Required

This tool is part of Alteryx Intelligence Suite. Intelligence Suite requires a separate license and add-on installer to Designer. After you install Designer, install Intelligence Suite and start your free trial.

Tool Components

The Image Template tool has 2 anchors (1 input and 1 output).

  • Input anchor: Only use the input anchor to connect to upstream data that contains data for table-detection. Otherwise, use the Open File option to bring in data.

  • Output anchor: Use the output anchor to pass annotations downstream.

Configure the Tool

  1. Add an Image Template tool to the canvas.

  2. Select Open File to open File Explorer, which you can use to browse and find images. (You don't have to run the workflow. The PDF loads automatically.)

  3. Go to the pages you want to annotate using the arrow icons, or enter a specific page number in the text field. Note that if all pages have the same layout, only annotate the first page. To apply your annotations to all pages, selectApply First Page of Annotations in Image Template to All Pagesin theImage to TextandPDF to Texttools.

  4. Drag anywhere on the image to create an annotation. Enter the annotation in the field. Use the dropdown to select whether you want to save the annotation as a string, table, or image. Save the annotation in Designer. Note that you can use your annotation as an anchor for the Shift feature in theImage Processing tool. Use Shift to improve Optical Character Recognition (OCR) results for images that shifted during the scanning process.

  5. To export the annotation outside Designer, select Annotations > Export and then choose a location. The annotations are exported separately from the image as a JSON file.

  6. To load annotations, select Annotations > Import and then choose annotations you've already saved as a JSON file.

  7. Run the workflow to pass the image annotations downstream.

Table Detection

Use table detection to extract tables passed from upstream images.

  1. Connect the image data that contains tables you want to detect to the input anchor.

  2. Select the Image field that contains those tables.

  3. Run the workflow.