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Automation Anywhere Tool Automation Anywhere 360 Tool


As of Designer and Server version 2024.1, the Automation Anywhere 360 tool is no longer supported. The tool will continue to work in Designer and Server versions 2023.2 and older.

Automation Anywhere 360 allows you to run your bots on incoming data and pass the processed data to other tools in Designer. See Automation Anywhere for additional info.

To maintain full functionality of the Automation Anywhere data connector, please note compatibility with Designer.

Designer version 2021.4 and later.


This tool is not automatically installed with Designer. To use this tool, download it from Alteryx Community.

Sign In to Automation Anywhere

You can use your credentials or your username and API key to sign in to Automation Anywhere.

To schedule your workflows on Server, you need to select Enter Username and API Key and enter your API key. See Authenticate with Username and API Key and Create and assign API key generation role for more information.

Enter Username and Password

  1. In New Connection, select Enter Username and Password.

  2. Enter Control Room URL, Username, and Password.

  3. Select Connect.

Enter Username and API Key

  1. In New Connection, select Enter Username and Password.

  2. Enter Control Room URL, Username, and API Key.

  3. Select Connect.

Select a Bot

  • From My Bots: Search for a bot by name or select a bot in a tree view.

  • By Field: Select a field with a list of bot IDs.

Configure the Tool

Use these options to further configure the tool:

  • Run as User: Select a user to run the bot as.

  • Execute Using Device Pool: Select an available device pool or Auto-assign device.

  • Get variables from field: Select a field from an incoming connection.

  • Select variables manually: Select variables As Custom Value or From Field. To use Custom Variables, enter a Name, Value and select a data type. Available data types are Boolean, Table, Number, String, Dictionary, and List.

  • Wait for Results: You can wait for the process to finish saving the output to JSON, which can take a long time. If you select Yes, enter Max Wait Time in minutes and Check Results Every in seconds.