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Zip File Support

Alteryx Tools Used to Connect

Use the Input Data tool to select 1 or more data files stored within a .zip file. These file formats can be read from a .zip file:

  • Streaming-compatible (read directly into memory): .avro, .csv, .json, .yxdb

  • Not streaming-compatible (extracted to hard drive temporary location): .cydb, .dbf, .kml, .grc, .grd, .qvx, .sas7bdat, .sav, .sz, .xlsm, .xlsx, .xlsx (legacy), .xls, .xml


  • If the files being extracted exceed 2 GB, select the Allow Extraction of Files > 2GB from the Input Data tool's Configuration pane.

  • Zip files are not supported in Alteryx Server.

Selecting Files

When you use a tool to connect to a .zip file, the Extract File window opens.

  1. Select File Type to Extract: Alteryx scans all files within the .zip file and generates a list of discovered formats. Select the format for Alteryx to display in the Files list.

    Other Files: Select Other Files to show a list of all files found within the .zip file, including files with no extension or an unrecognized extension (for example, .txt, .log). Parse Other Files As: Specify the format for Alteryx to use to parse the selected files.

  2. Select Files: Select 1 or more files to bring into Alteryx.

    You can select multiple files, but Alteryx can only parse the files in a single format. When you select multiple files, Alteryx uses the first file to determine the schema (number of fields, data types, etc.). For subsequent files, Alteryx performs this validation:

    • If the number of fields is not equal, the file is skipped and a warning is generated. If equal, the next check is performed.

    • If the data types are not equal, the file is skipped and a warning is generated. If equal, the next check is performed.

    • If the field names are not equal, the file will still be read, but a warning is generated.

  3. Select Open.

  4. Select Sheets from Excel Files: If you selected Excel files, select the sheets for Alteryx to read, and then select OK.

  5. To preview a file in a .zip file, select Update Sample in the Configuration window. The preview only displays if the .zip file contains a single .xlsx file with a single sheet.

Syntax for Analytic Apps and Macros (Advanced)

Use this syntax to configure analytic apps or macros to select multiple files from a .zip file:

  • Separate file path and file name with triple pipe (||| - triple pipe supports Unicode symbols in the paths).

  • Separate files with a semicolon (;).

  • Enclose sheet names in square brackets ([ ]).

  • Separate multiple sheets with a colon (:).


  • C:\some\path\to\|||file1.csv;file2.csv

  • C:\some\path\to\|||folder1\file1.csv;folder2\file2.csv

  • C:\some\path\to\|||file1.xlsx[Sheet1]

  • C:\some\path\to\|||file1.xlsx[Sheet1:Sheet2];file2.xlsx[Sheet3:Sheet4:Sheet5]

  • C:\some\path\to\|||folder1\file1.xlsx[Sheet1:Sheet2:Sheet3]