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Uninstall a Product

The Alteryx installer removes an existing product when you perform a full install of the same product. For example, when you perform a full install of Admin Designer, the installer removes a previously installed version of Admin Designer. The same is true for other Alteryx products like Alteryx Intelligence Suite and the Alteryx Predictive Tools.

If you need to remove a product and are not installing a new version, the process is slightly different. To remove an Alteryx product that you no longer need, you need to manually uninstall the product. The process is the same for all Alteryx products.

To manually uninstall an Alteryx product…

  1. On your Windows machine, go to Add or Remove Programs.

    You can type it in the taskbar search box, or navigate to Programs and Features from the Control Panel.

  2. Choose the Alteryx product to uninstall.

  3. Select Uninstall.

  4. The Alteryx installer removes the selected product.