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Connection Type

ODBC (64-bit)

Driver Details

Obtaining the SAP HANA Database ODBC Drivers.

Installing SAP HANA ODBC Driver.

In-Database processing requires 64-bit database drivers.

Type of Support

Read & Write; In-Database

Validated On

Client version

Alteryx tools used to connect

Standard workflow processing

Input Data Tool

Input Data Tool Icon


Output Data Tool

Output Data Tool Icon


In-database workflow processing

Connect In-DB Tool

Blue icon with database being plugged in.


Data Stream In Tool

Blue icon with a stream-like object flowing into a database.



When connecting to a Hana database, the session's default application variable is set to ALTERYX.

Access Stored Procedures

Alteryx supports multi-line, multiple SQL statements for SAP HANA Stored Procedures. The Alteryx engine is not used when executing a stored procedure. This execution happens entirely on the database server.

To access stored procedures for your connection:

  1. Drag the Input, Output, or Run Command tool onto the Alteryx Designer canvas.

  2. Select the Connect a File or Database menu, and then select the Hana database connection.

  3. In the Input Data Configuration window, select Pre SQL Statement or Post SQL Statement. You can enter one or more statements in the SQL Editor tab, or you can select from a list of Stored Procedures.

    • Selecting a stored procedure will overwrite what is in the field. Stored procedures cannot be accessed for Hana connection from the Table or Query file format options menu.

  4. In the Configure Pre SQL Statements or Configure Post SQL Statements window and Stored Procedures tab, view the Parameter, Datatype, and then enter the Value for each stored procedure parameter for an ODBC connection. Select the desired stored procedure and click OK.

    • String parameters must have single quotes around the entered value.

    • Only stored procedures with IN parameters will be listed in stored procedures.

    • The SQL syntax for calling the stored procedure in Hana should be in the format of CALL "sproc_name" (optional parameter1, optional parameter2, ...).

    • When used in an Input, the Value must represent a value within the database.

    • You can select whether you want the SQL Editor or Stored Procedures tab to open by default. The default tab is Stored Procedures if there is not text in the SQL Editor tab.

Unsupported Data Types

The following data types are unsupported and cannot be entered into the Stored Procedures Parameter value field:

  • Binary types: VARBINARY

If your stored procedure contains an unsupported data type, then:

  • Designer sets the data type to unsupported.

  • The value column in the data grid will become read-only and the OK button will be disabled, indicating that the stored procedure cannot be run.