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Engine Compatibility Mode

Due to the shift from single-threaded data processing with the original Engine to multi-threaded with AMP, the record output order with some tools might be different than the input order when using AMP. This is one of the key differences between the engines. To help mitigate the issue of different output order in AMP, you can use Engine Compatibility Mode. This mode produces output record order as close to the original Engine as possible.

In most cases, workflow performance with the new record output order on AMP with Engine Compatibility Mode is slower than without this functionality, but still faster than with the original Engine.

  • The Engine compatibility mode check box is available in the Designer UI under the Use AMP Engine check box.

  • The Engine compatibility mode check box is unchecked by default, even when the Use AMP Engine check box is turned on for all new workflows.

Engine Compatibility Mode can affect the record order for the following tools:

  • Batch Macros

  • Cross Tab

  • Data Cleansing (when removing null rows)

  • Join (Join by Specific Field)

  • Join Multiple (Join by Specific Field)

  • Multi-Row Formula (Group By)

  • Poly Build

  • Running Total (Group By)

  • Sample (Group by column)

  • Summarize (Group By)

  • Tile (Group by columns)

  • Unique