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Predictive Grouping

Append Cluster Tool Icon

Appends the cluster assignments from a K-Centroids Cluster Analysis Tool to a data stream.

Find Nearest Neighbors Tool Icon

The Find Nearest Neighbors tool finds the selected number of nearest neighbors in the "data" stream.

K-Centroids Cluster Analysis Tool Icon

K-Centroids represent a class of algorithms for doing partitioning cluster analysis.

K-Centroids Diagnostics Tool Icon

Designed to make an assessment of the appropriate number of clusters to specify given the data.

MB Affinity Tool Icon

The MB Affinity tool takes "transaction" data and constructs a matrix.

MB Inspect Tool Icon

Takes rules or itemsets output of the MB Rules tool, and provides analysis of those rules.

MB Rules Tool

Takes as input a rules or itemsets, and provides an analysis of those rules.

Multidimensional Scaling Tool Icon

Takes transaction data and, after transforming the data, creates a set of association rules.

Principal Components Tool Icon

The Principal Components tool can reduce the dimensions (the number of numeric fields) in a database