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Predict tool icon Predict Tool

Use the Predict tool to make predictions about new data using a machine learning pipeline you've built. The tool doesn't need any configuration.

Alteryx Intelligence Suite Required

This tool is part of Alteryx Intelligence Suite. Intelligence Suite requires a separate license and add-on installer to Designer. After you install Designer, install Intelligence Suite and start your free trial.

  1. Connect the last tool in a machine learning pipeline (in other words, a Fit tool) to the M anchor.

    1. The Predict tool can also use model objects from other tools such as the Image Recognition, Topic Modeling, and Named Entity Recognition tools.

  2. Connect new data to the D anchor.

    1. New data must have the same format as the data used to build the model.

  3. Select Run.

The Predict tool creates two sets of columns. The first set includes a column for each possible outcome of the target variable. These columns contain the probability of that outcome. The second set includes a column with the predicted output.