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Reset a User's Server Password

In Servers configured to use built-in authentication, Curators (Server admins) can follow these steps to reset a user's password.

  1. Go to the User Management page in the Server Admin interface.

  2. Select the user.

  3. In the General section, select Edit.

  4. Select Reset Password.

  5. Select Reset.

The user receives an email with a link to reset their password. SMTP has to be configured for the email to send. Go to Configure SMTP for steps to set it up.

For more information how to reset a user’s password using Server API, visit the Alteryx Server API V3 and User Endpoints help pages.


Built-In Authentication

If you are using Server’s built-in authentication, to update hashing algorithms due to FIPS compliance you must reset your Server password before you will be able to use Server version 2022.2. If you do not reset your password in version 2022.1, then you will be required to have SMTP enabled to reset it in version 2022.2.

Along with the password reset, there is also a Designer compatibility limitation for environments with built-in authentication. Older versions of Designer will not have the necessary password mechanism changes to authenticate with Server 2022.1+. To ensure compatibility, users will need to be running Designer 2022.1 or higher.

How to Reset Your Server Password After Upgrade to 2022.1
  1. If you are currently using Server version 2022.1 that upgraded from a prior version:

    • If you have a legacy hash password and you attempt to login, you will be prompted with a Change Password dialog to change your password. Then you will have the option to update the password directly in the modal window. If you select Cancel, then you can change it from your profile.

      Note: If you don't change your password after cancelling the dialog, you will continue to be prompted every time you log in to Server until it’s completed.

    • You can log in to Server with your current password. Then go to My Profile, under General select Edit, and the Change Password option will appear.

      Newly created users will have the new password hash and will not have to change their password.

  2. If you are upgrading to Server version 2022.2 without updating your password in 2022.1 or upgrading to 2022.2 from a Server version older than 2022.1:

    • Before you upgrade to 2022.2, your administrator must turn on SMTP settings for Server. Go to Configure SMTP for steps to set it up. After the upgrade to 2022.2, users will go to the Server login page and select Forgot Password. They will then get an option to input their email and reset their password. Administrators can also prompt users to reset their passwords by following instructions in Reset a User's Server Password or using the API POST/v3/users/{id}/passwordReset. All these methods will require that users have access to the email account associated with their profile.


Integrated Windows Authentication

You can't reset passwords if you have configured the Server to use Integrated Windows Authentication.