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Interface Tools

Action Tool Icon

The Action tool updates the configuration of a workflow with values provided by interface questions.

Check Box Tool Icon

The Check Box tool displays a check box option to the end user in an app or macro.

Condition Tool Icon

The Condition tool tests for entered values and returns either true or false.

Control Parameter Tool Icon

A Control Parameter is the input for each iteration of a Batch Macro.

Date Tool Icon

The Date tool displays a calendar in app or macro for the end user to specify a date value.

Allows to pick a Connection from DCM storage.

Drop Down Tool

The Drop Down tool displays a single selection list in an app or macro to an end user.

Error Message Tool Icon

Displays an error message for an app or macro based on criteria in an expression.

File Browse Tool Icon

The File Browse tool displays a file browse control in an app.

Folder Browse Tool Icon

The Folder Browse tool displays a folder browse control in an app or macro.

List Box Tool

Adds a list box where users can make multiple selections in an application or macro.

Macro Input Tool Icon

The Macro Input tool sets the interface, tool configuration options, and anchors for a macro.

Macro Output Tool Icon

The Macro Output tool controls how output anchors display for a macro tool.

Map Tool

Displays an interactive map for the end user to draw or select map objects within an app or macro.

Numeric Up Down Tool Icon

The Numeric Up Down tool is used to display a numeric control in an app or macro.

Radio Button Tool Icon

The Radio Button tool displays a radio button for an end user to select in an application or macro.

Text Box Tool Icon

The Text Box tool displays a free form text box in an app or macro.

Tree Tool

The Tree tool displays an organized, hierarchical data structure in an app or macro.