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Snowflake OAuth Authentication

The following steps will help you set up the native Snowflake OAuth authentication using the Input tool.


To be able to set up Snowflake OAuth authentication you need:

  • Valid DSN prepared with the Authenticator option set to oauth,

  • OAuth authority URL, Port, Client ID, and Client Secret from the Snowflake administrator.

Authentication Set Up

In Designer, place the Input tool to the canvas.

  1. Select the Use Data Connection Manager (DCM) check box.

  2. Select Set Up a Connection.

  3. In the Data Connections window, go to Data sources and choose Snowflake ODBC.

  4. The Connection Manager window pops up. Select + Add Data Source.

  5. Fill in the Data Source Name and choose the prepared Snowflake OAuth DSN.

  6. Select Save.

  7. To link the credentials select + Connect Credential.

  8. Choose OAuth as an Authentication Method.

  9. For OAuth Application choose Create New Credential and fill in the information needed (you should get the OAuth authority URL, Port, Client ID and Client Secret from the Snowflake administrator).

  10. Choose Create New Credential for OAuth Tokens.

  11. Fill in the Credential Name and select Create and Link.

  12. Select the Connect button and sign in on the Snowflake manager external browser window.