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Troubleshoot Licensing Issues

Use this information to find solutions for errors that you might encounter when working with the licensing system. Select each error message to view the suggested solutions and troubleshooting steps.

Error Messages and Solutions

Here are some potential causes and things to try if you encounter this error:

  • You entered an invalid or expired license key, or there are no more available seats.

  • Use lowercase letters when you enter your email address.

  • License keys are case sensitive. Copy and paste the license key in the same format it was provided.

  • Ensure you have a valid license key for the products you are trying to activate.

  • Check your system to see which environment you are trying to activate in. For example, a Server OS environment requires a license key that allows for this.

  • Contact your license administrator or sales representative to obtain a new license key.

The activation file used to activate a license for an offline computer is unreadable or invalid. Contact your license administrator to obtain a new offline activation file. Visit Activate License Offline for more information.

The license key for an add-on product was activated, but it cannot be used because Alteryx Designer or Alteryx Server must be activated as well.

Contact your license administrator to obtain a new license key for Alteryx Designer or Alteryx Server. Visit Activate Alteryx for more information.

An Alteryx Server license was activated on a machine that has more cores than the number of cores for which it is licensed. To find out how Alteryx defines cores for licensing its products, visit this Alteryx Community article.

Contact your license administrator to obtain a new license key for additional server CPU cores. Visit Manage Licenses for more information.

You were signed in as a non-administrative user of the machine when you activated a product. If you want the license to be available to all users of the machine, please run the install and license process as Administrator.

Follow these steps to resolve the feature API is not licensed error.

  1. Email to check that the license you want to activate has the Feature API.

  2. Remove and readd licenses.

    1. Remove license.

    2. Clear the files from C:\ProgramData\SRC\FlexeraLicenseManager if any exist.

    3. Readd the license.

  3. On the machine running the Alteryx Engine (if Designer or single node server, this is the local machine) check these items:

    • The account running the Alteryx Engine Command has these permissions on the installation folder:

      • Read & Execute

      • List Folder Contents

      • Read

    • If running Alteryx Server, restart the Alteryx Service.

  4. If activating online via a license key, be sure that you have constant communication with The Engine checks its licensing via FNO on every call to the engine.

This error message indicates that the machine is having issues with connecting to the Alteryx activation service. This is typically due to the firewall/proxy on the machine. Please follow these instructions:

  1. First, check that you meet the technical specifications to install and run Alteryx.

  2. Make sure that Port 80 or Port 443 is open.

  3. The System Requirements of the licensing system require access to Please make sure that your organization's network has not blocked communication to this endpoint.

  4. If your organization uses a proxy, be aware that the activation request packets are encrypted and can be blocked.

Note that you might require your IT team’s assistance with the above items.

Alternatively, you can do an offline activation with a license file. Follow the instructions at Activate License Offline.

This error means that no seats are currently available to activate.

The license administrator of the key needs to revoke a seat in order for a new user to activate. Instructions for the license administrator are listed below. If you’re unsure who the license admin on your account is, please email

For license administrators:

  1. Sign in to

  2. Go to Machines > Administer Machines.

  3. Change the search filter on the right side to License Key.

  4. Paste the license key and select Search.

  5. To revoke the license key, select the email.

  6. Select Action > Revoke Licenses.

  7. Enter the Quantity to remove.

  8. Save.

To resolve the Your computer is not connected to your License Server error message, follow these instructions:

  1. Select OK on the error message (or “X” depending on your version of Alteryx).

  2. Select the gear icon in the top-right corner.

  3. Select Change License Systems.

  4. Select Continue on the Change License Systems window.

  5. Note that you might need to activate your license key again.

To resolve the One of the Input Parameters is Bad error, please try to activate offline with a license file. Follow the instructions at Activate License Offline.

There are 2 ways to fix this error:

  • Upgrade to version 2019.4 or newer.

  • Activate via command line.

Upgrade to 2019.4

The 2019.4 version of Alteryx does not encounter this error as it was fixed with the update. If you sign in to the license portal at and download the most recent version of Alteryx, this fixes the issue.

Activate via Command Line

Follow these instructions to activate via command line:

  1. Go to Alteryx Overview (Activate by Command Line).

  2. Within the Activate by Command Line section, navigate to Standard License System > Activate License Online. This section outlines the script needed to complete the activation.

The Server was not able to process request correctly error is caused by mixed casing between the serial number used to activate and the serial number in FNO. For example, this error is triggered when a user attempts to activate with but the serial in FNO is

To resolve this issue, email and we can clear (make obsolete) the devices in FNO.