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Server Processes Reference

Use this list of Alteryx Server processes for whitelisting, troubleshooting and performance monitoring. Note, not all processes will be present depending on your Server configuration.

Server Processes for Versions 2022.2+


Server processes changed in the 2022.2 release. Go to 2022.1 Server Processes to reference previous version processes.

  • AlteryxGui.exe: Primary Designer process.

  • AlteryxEngineCmd.exe: Alteryx Engine, an on-demand process that executes workflows.

  • AlteryxCEFRenderer.exe: Alteryx Chromium Embedded Framework implementation. Used to render most HTML/JS content within Designer.

  • AlteryxService.exe: Primary Alteryx Server process. Acts as the Controller and is also responsible for startup and shutdown of all sub processes.

  • AlteryxServerHost.exe: Custom web server based on .net and backing into http.sys.

  • AlteryxService_MapRenderWorker.exe: Renders map tiles for use in the web user interface.

  • AlteryxService_MongoController.exe: MongoDB watch dog service. Starts and stops MongoDB.

  • AlteryxService_WebInterface.exe: Web service sub process used to render interface tools for apps and collect user responses.

  • AlteryxMetrics.exe: Telemetry data aggregator.

  • mongod.exe: Process for Embedded MongoDB service.

  • AlteryxServerWebApiHost: This process provides the new Oauth 2 and v3 APIs. It also provides authentication service for SAML.