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Revoke License from Machine

Alteryx Licensing & Downloads Portal 23.1

These options aren't available in the new Alteryx Licensing & Downloads portal experience. Go to View Licenses or Manage Accounts and Users to see available options.

A license administrator can revoke a license from a machine. To deactivate a license so you can use it on another computer or free it up for another user, go to Deactivate License.

You need to be a license administrator to perform these steps. To revoke a license from a machine...

  1. Sign in to the Alteryx Downloads and Licenses portal at

  2. Select Machines > Administer Machines.

  3. Select the machine you want to revoke the license from.

  4. Select Action > Revoke Licenses.

  5. Enter the number of licenses you want to revoke under Qty to remove.

  6. Select Save.

The license is now available for another user.