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AYX Plugin SDK

ayx-plugin-sdk is a package that allows you to build custom tools and plugins for Alteryx Designer. It is a different way to interact with the Alteryx Python SDK. The package is designed to be easier to use and to make building tools faster than before!


Key Features
  • Simpler interfaces to reduce the amount of clutter caused by the required boilerplate code of the Python SDK.

  • Command-line interface (CLI) tools to set up your directory structure, assist with development, and package YXIs.

  • A suite of example tools to help you better understand how to use the Python package for different tool types.


To get started with the Alteryx Core SDK, you need a valid installation of Alteryx Designer.

Python version 3.6.8 is required for Alteryx Designer plugins.

Set Up the Development Environment

Follow these steps to configure your development environment.

Create the Virtual Environment

To get started...

  1. Install Miniconda3 for your system.

  2. Once the install is done, open an Anaconda Prompt and create a new virtual environment: conda create -n ayx_plugin_sdk python=3.6.8.

  3. Next, activate it: conda activate ayx_plugin_sdk.

If you are not familiar with Anaconda/Miniconda, visit Anaconda Documentation.

Install the Package

After you create and activate your virtual environment, pip install the Alteryx Core SDK pip package. For more information on pip, visit the pip website.

Use this command to install the SDK:

pip install ayx_plugin_sdk

Access Package Documentation

Once the package is installed, use this command to open the package documentation:

ayx_plugin_sdk docs