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Anaaplan Tool Anaplan Output Tool

Anaplan Output writes data from Designer to Anaplan. See Anaplan for additional details.


This tool is not automatically installed with Designer. To use this tool, download it from the Alteryx Marketplace.

To maintain full functionality of the Anaplan data connector, please note compatibility with Designer.

Designer versions 2021.4 and later.

Sign In to Anaplan

Use your Username and Password to authenticate to Anaplan.

Select a Destination

Anaplan Output supports only the export of CSV files. Set up CSV as the incoming file type in Anaplan.

You can type into the list boxes to search.

  1. Select a Workspace.

  2. Select a Model.

  3. Optionally, select Run Import to Overwrite and select an Import. You can also select Run Process after Import and select a Process.

Configure the Tool

Use these options to further configure the tool:

  • Chunk Size (MB): Enter a number of MB to upload at a time. The default value is 50 MB.

  • Compress data before uploading to Anaplan and select a temporary location. Designer deletes the files when the workflow finishes.

  • Max Waiting Time (Minutes): Enter the number of minutes Designer should wait for the import to finish.

  • Check Results Every (Seconds): Enter how often Designer should check if the import is finished.