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Create Target

To assist in building your recipe, you can associate a target with the recipe. This target schema is displayed in the Target Matching bar in the Transformer page above your column histograms, so that you can track how you are progressing toward completion of the recipe.

  • A target is the representation of the columns to which you are building your recipe to match. When you know the column order, names, and data types for which you are building your recipe, you can more quickly develop the recipe steps to match this schema.

  • For more information, see Overview of Target Schema Mapping.

Create Schema

Before you create

A target is created from one of the following sources:

  • An imported dataset

  • A recipe in the current flow

  • A dataset reference from another flow

Before you create a new target, you must identify, create, or import one of the above objects. Your target must be in a finished state.


A target is a snapshot of the target at the time of creation. It does not inherit changes from the source after creation. To update the target for later changes, you must delete and recreate the target. Instructions are provided below.


Each recipe can have one and only one target. Please use the following steps to create a target for your recipe.


  1. Open the flow containing the recipe. In Flow View, create or select the recipe.

  2. If a target already exists for the recipe, select Remove Target from the context menu in the right panel.


    A recipe can have one and only one target associated with it.

  3. After deleting the old one, from the context menu, select Assign Target to Recipe.

  4. Select the imported dataset, recipe, or reference to use as your target for this recipe. Click Add.

  5. If the target looks accurate, click OK. If not, click Cancel.

  6. The target is associated with your recipe.


You can also assign a target from the Transformer toolbar in the Transformer page.

Update Schema


You cannot edit a target through Designer Cloud. To make changes, remove the target and add in a modified target.

If there are have been changes to the source schema of your target, please complete the following steps to update your target.


  1. If the source of the target needs to be re-imported into Designer Cloud, please do so now.

  2. In Flow View, select the recipe to which the target is assigned. From the context menu for the recipe, select the following:

    1. Select Remove Target to remove the current target.

    2. Select Assign Target to Recipe to select the new target.

Use Schema

  • Data grid: After a schema has been associated with your recipe, schema information and a few example rows are displayed in the data grid of the Transformer page. These examples serve to guide your transformation operations.

  • Column Browser: In the Column Browser panel, you can select one or more columns and apply schema-related transformations to them.

Remove Schema


  1. In Flow View, select the recipe whose schema you wish to remove.

  2. In the right panel, click the context menu. Select Remove Target.


    Removing a target from a recipe does not remove the underlying dataset from the platform.


    Deleting a dataset does not remove any target based off of it. You can still perform alignment operations to match the schema. However, you cannot view example rows from the target in the Transformer page.