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In the People catalog, Connect provides a list of people containing all users. It also provides Folder and Group metadata.

To discover more information about a specific user, select the user. All user information is public. Every user in Connect can see all information about other users. Users can make changes on their own profiles only. Admins can edit each user.

To add or change information about a specific user, select the user, then select Edit.

Use the icons at the top of the table to perform a Search, Excel export Excel export, or Bulk operations Bulk operation, such as transitioning a relationship, moving a listing, copying listings to a workbook, or deleting entries.

For more information how to create an asset, see Create Assets.


In the Description section, you can specify the following information: Profile Picture, Full Name, Alias(es), Email, Phone, Position, and Linkedin profile.

Additionally, you can specify the following options:

  • Notify on my changes: To notify users about the changes they have done by email, check the Notify on my changes box.

  • Notify on system changes: To notify users about the system changes (for example, changes done by loaders) by email, check the Notify on system changes box.

  • User Is Disabled:

    • Active Directory (AD) users are checked by default. For more information about AD, see the Settings help page.

    • In case users have another username and password (different from AD) defined in Credentials, checking the User Is Disabled box disables login as well.


Username and password defined to access Connect.

  • Admins can request a user to reset the password. As an admin, to send an email request to the user, select Reset Password.

  • Users can change their password. To change your password, select Change Password. Enter your old password, then enter a new password, and enter your new password again to verify correct entry.


Under the folders, the group membership is defined in the folder called Groups.


A list of groups that the user has membership in. The Name and Excerpt description are visible.


The links between different assets, such as terms contained within a report. Select a related asset to open that asset. Select Open Nexus button to Open nexus, a navigable map that shows a web of connections between assets.

Mentioned In

A list of assets that mention the user. The Name, Description, Relationship, and Rating are all visible.