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Test of Means Tool Icon Test of Means Tool

One Tool Example

Test of Means has a One Tool Example. Go to Sample Workflows to learn how to access this and many other examples directly in Alteryx Designer.

The Test of Means tool performs a Welch's two sample t-test of the difference in mean values for a numeric response field between a control group and 1 or more treatment groups where group membership is indicated by a grouping field that can either be a character or integer field that indicates to which group each record belongs. The tests are carried out between the designated control (comparison) group and the other groups indicated in the group field.

This tool uses the R tool. Go to Options > Download Predictive Tools and sign in to the Alteryx Downloads and Licenses portal to install R and the packages used by the R tool. Go to Download and Use Predictive Tools.

Connect an Input

Connect an Alteryx data stream with at least 1 numeric and at least 1 character or integer field.

Configure the Tool

  • Select the response field: A numeric field that is used to calculate the group-specific means for comparison.

  • Select the field with the group identifier: A character or integer field that indicates the group to which each record belongs.

  • The label for the control group (optional if there are only two groups): All tests are done with respect to 1 group (the comparison or control group). This option determines which group acts as the comparison (control) group. When there are only 2 groups, this distinction is not needed, so indicating the control group is optional.

View the Output

Connect a Browse tool to each output anchor to view results.

  • D anchor: The D output consists of a table that gives the 2 group labels for each test along with the test statistic, degrees of freedom, and p-value of the tests which can potentially be used in downstream processing.

  • R anchor: The R output provides a set of report snippets of the test results.