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Platform SDK

The Platform SDK is a modern superset of the capabilities available in the former Engine and HTML GUI SDKs. Previous SDKs use outdated technology and limit extension opportunities. The new SDKs use the latest open-source technology and open up new ways to extend Alteryx products.


The Platform SDK lets you extend your Alteryx experience by building custom tools and plugins.

While Alteryx Designer provides a wide range of functionality with the available tools, you might find that you perform a specific action or task that could be better served by creating a custom tool or plugin. You can distribute custom tools within your organization and environment and still leverage the speed and flexibility of Alteryx Designer and Gallery.

A custom tool or plugin consists of 2 components:

  1. The user interface, shown in Designer’s Configuration window. To create the user interface component, use the AYX UI SDK (a React-based front-end SDK that lets you build custom applications to use within the Alteryx platform).

  2. The engine, which processes logic to handle records passed to and from the Alteryx Engine. To create the engine component, use the AYX Python SDK.

To help facilitate the creation of a custom tool or plugin, you can leverage the AYX Plugin CLI. This command-line tool walks you through generating the set of files and folders needed for your custom project. The CLI includes commands for common tasks like packaging the tool for deployment.

Engine Compatibility

The Platform SDK requires that the AMP Engine is enabled.

Requirements and Prerequisites

To start building tools with the AYX Plugin CLI, you need these items installed on your machine:

  • Microsoft Windows 7 or Later (64-bit)

  • Alteryx Designer Version 2021.2 and Newer

  • Python Version 3.8.5

  • pip (automatically installed with Python 3.8.5)

Each SDK also has its own requirements, which are listed on each respective help page below.

SDK Quickstart Guide

Visit the Platform SDK Quickstart Guide to learn how to use the latest developer tools to create a custom plugin or tool for use in Alteryx.

Explore SDK Resources

Visit these additional SDK resources: