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Configuration File Upload Workflow

This example workflow demonstrates how to push configuration files from Designer to Alteryx Connect via the REST API.

To complete this workflow, you will need...

  • Connect v2 Server

  • Designer and the Connect v2 Tools

This workflow assumes you have created the county.xml and load-alteryx-counties.xml configuration files in the Configuration Workflow.

In Designer

Download or create this workflow by following the steps below.

  1. Open a new workflow and drag an Input Text tool onto the canvas.

  2. Configure the Input Text tool:

  3. Add and connect a Blob tool.

  4. Configure the tool:

    • Modify File Name By: Replacing Entire Path With Field

    • Using This Field: ConfigFilePath

  5. Add and connect a Formula tool.

  6. Configure the tool to have 7 output columns:

    Output Column

    Formula Expression


    A Connect URL, like ''


    [ConnectURL] + '/rest/1/admin/'


    [APIBaseULR] + 'upload'









  7. Add and connect a Download tool.

  8. Configure the tool:

    • On the Basic tab:

      • Field: APIUploadURI

    • On the Headers tab:

      • Select Content-Type, X-File-Name, xf3-login, and xf3-password, then click Add.

    • On the Payload tab:

      • Take Query String/Body from Field: Blob

  9. Add and connect a Browse tool.

  10. Run the workflow to load the into Connect.

In Connect

Unzip the archive to process the files individually and register the configurations. This can take several minutes depending on the number of archived configurations.