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Connect provides a list of reports harvested from the reporting servers such as Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, QlikView, or AYX Insights.

Use the icons at the top of the table to perform a Search, Excel export Excel export, or Bulk operations Bulk operation, such as transitioning a relationship, moving a listing, copying listings to a workbook, or deleting entries.

For more information how to create an asset, see Create Assets.


  • Preview: You can use it to preview the contents of the report. For example, if you select an image file, you can see a preview of it.

  • Report frequency: A period that specifies how often a report runs.

  • URL link: The link indicates the location of a file.

  • Created At: The date the report was created.

  • Updated At: The most recent day the report was updated.

  • Report version: A number or text that specifies the version of the report.


The links between different assets, such as terms contained within a report. Select a related asset to open that asset. Select Open Nexus button to Open nexus, a navigable map that shows a web of connections between assets.

Related Terms

Glossary terms hat appear in or are related to the current report. The term's Name, Description, Status, and Rating are available.

Data Sources

Data sources of the report. You can add multiple sources.

Data Connections

A list of related connections, including databases and tables.

User Defined References

A reference to another asset can be specified by selecting an asset from the drop down.

Embed Content

In the section Embed Content you can add an external page URL to place a live report itself into a page.