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Export and Import

To export and import the Connect content, go to Admin Menu, then select Export and Import.


The Export screen allows you to download selected content, configuration files, and database files.

Content Export

To configure Content export, optionally select one or more of these options:

  • Select the Root of export field to search for specific content to export, or leave the field blank to export all content.

  • Select the Restrict to entries viewable by user field, search for a user, and optionally select an export option.

  • To set additional Content export options, check the following boxes that apply:

    • Export without comments and tasks: You can export the content without comments and tasks.

    • Export without tasks: You can export the content without tasks.

    • Export without history: Export contains only the current version.

  • Select Export Content to save a .zip file to a desired location.

Configuration Export

  • Select Export Configuration Files to save a .zip file of the Alteryx Connect configuration to a desired location.

SQL Dump Export

  • Select Export Dump to save a .zip file containing the entire Alteryx Connect SQL database to a desired location.

Database Backup

  • Select H2 Backup to save a backup .zip file of the Alteryx Connect database to the ac_work directory. For more information, see Back Up and Restore Connect.


If you performed a partial content export (for example, /Home/Glossary), you can select the .xml file and import only that content. You must specify the Xid of the parent entry.