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Dataverse Icon Dataverse Output Tool

Use Dataverse Output to write data to Dataverse tables. Go to Microsoft Dataverse to learn about known limitations. You can find more information about Dataverse on the Microsoft Dataverse documentation site.


This tool is not automatically installed with Designer. To use this tool, download it from the Alteryx Marketplace.

To maintain full functionality of the data connector, note its compatibility with Designer.

Designer version 2021.3.3 and later.

Designer versions 2021.2.1 - 2021.3.1.

Sign In to Dataverse

The OAuth method is used for authentication, so you can either use the default Alteryx application via the Sign in via Internet Browser option or you can provide your own API application via the Provide authentication information option. Go to Custom API Application Setup for more information on how to create an API application.Custom API Application Setup

To schedule your workflow on Server when using the Cloud services, you need to select Use Service Principal after you select Provide authentication information so that your token has an extended expiration, and you need to provide your own API application.

Sign In via Internet Browser

  1. In Authentication Method, select Sign in via Internet Browser.

  2. Select Connect.

  3. Enter your credentials and sign in.

Provide Authentication Information

  1. In Authentication Method, select Provide authentication information.

  2. Enter Client ID and Tenant ID. If you want to schedule workflows, select Use Service Principal and enter Client ID, Client Secret, and Tenant ID.

  3. Select Connect.

  4. Enter your credentials and sign in.

Select a Table

  1. In Table, select the table to write data to.

  2. Select the Output Option:

    • Insert: Adds the data to the existing table.

    • Overwrite: Clears the existing table and populates the table with new data.

    • Update: Modifies existing records with new data based on a field selected in Field Containing the Primary Key.

    • Upsert: Modifies existing records with new data based on a field selected in Field Containing the Primary Key. If a record is not found, adds the data to the table.

Select an Output

The Dataverse Output tool offers 2 outputs for outgoing connections:

  • Result Data: The data that is stored in the Dataverse table as an output of the tool in JSON format.

  • Only status (success or failure): A status result in the Messages window.