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Gray icon with file graphic inside Google Sheets Input Tool


The Google Sheets tools are deprecated. Install the Google Drive tools which provide updated features.

Use the Google Sheets Input tool to download data from your Google Sheets spreadsheet, directly into your workflow.


This tool is not automatically installed with Designer. To use this tool, download it from the Alteryx Community.

Due to improved security of your instance when accessing the database and loading data into the workflow, we recommend to use Google Sheets Input tool v3.0.0. and with the latest Designer release.

To run your workflow and download your Google sheets data, sign in and select a spreadsheet and sheet name from which to import.

Configure the Tool

To run your workflow and download your Google sheets data, sign in to your Google account, and select the spreadsheet and sheet name you want to import.

To authenticate...

  1. Select Connect, located in the Configuration panel.

  2. Enter your credentials to sign in to your Google account.

    1. Accept the consent forms to allow Alteryx to read (through the Input tool) your Google Sheets’ files.

    2. If you select the checkbox Optional 0Auth2 Overrides, you will need to enter your Client ID and Client Secret andprovide the same override credentials for the Connection Token.

    3. Enter the Connection Token, or, combination with the OAuth Override option if you would like to share the same Connection Token with another Google Sheets Input tool in.


      To not exceed the limit of 50 Refresh Tokens per user or application, you can share Connection Tokens among Google Sheets tools. To obtain a Connection Token for the first time, sign in with your Google account and copy the token. This Connection Token can be reused in other Google Sheets tools.

  3. Check the First row contains field names box, followed by selecting the sheet name.

  4. Select Done for Designer to set the first row of input as field header information. If you leave this option unchecked, Designer will assign field names based on their order (for example, 0, 1, 2).


The Optional 0Auth2 Overrides authentication method uses the Google Spreadsheets API, and might time out when it tries to download large files. If you encounter this issue...

  1. Break one large sheet into two or more smaller sheets.

  2. Use a Google Sheets Input tool for each sheet, and combine the results with the Union tool.