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Icon for the Word Cloud Tool Word Cloud

Use Word Cloud to visualize text data.

Alteryx Intelligence Suite Required

This tool is part of Alteryx Intelligence Suite. Intelligence Suite requires a separate license and add-on installer to Designer. After you install Designer, install Intelligence Suite and start your free trial.

Language Support

The Word Cloud tool supports English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Tool Components

The Word Cloud tool has 3 anchors:

  • "D" anchor: Use the "D" anchor to connect the text data you want to visualize.

  • "M" anchor: Use the "M" anchor to use an image mask for the visualization.

  • Output anchor: Use the output anchor to pass the data you've visualized downstream.

Configure the Tool

  1. Add a Word Cloud tool to the canvas.

  2. Use the anchors to connect the Word Cloud tool to the text data you want to use in the workflow.

  3. Identify the text Field you want to visualize.

  4. Run the workflow.

Advanced Options

Check the Customize Word Cloud box to see additional options.

Change Background Color

To change the color of the background behind the word cloud, select the icon for Background Color. The option opens a dialogue in which you can use a slider and pointer to select a color, or you can enter the hexcode for a color.

Generate Phrases

To have the tool treat two-word phrases as single phrases, select Generate Phrases.


Select the colors of the words in the word cloud from the Theme dropdown.

Max Words

In the Max Words field, specify the maximum number of words you want to visualize in the word cloud.


Use the Width and Height fields to change the size of the word cloud. The width and height are measured in pixels.


A mask is an image used to define the shape of the word cloud. You have to input the mask into the "M" anchor of the Word Cloud tool.

You can use any of the image file formats supported by the Pillow package, but the mask must be imported as a BLOB. You can use either the Blob Input or Download tool to import the mask as a BLOB.


The Word Cloud tool outputs a word cloud as a temporary image file in Designer. The output is compatible with any of the Reporting tools. To export the word cloud outside Designer, you have to use the Render tool.