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Orange polygon containing a X with a line over it. Weighted Average Tool

One Tool Example

Weighted Average has a One Tool Example. Visit Sample Workflows to learn how to access this and many other examples directly in Alteryx Designer.

Use Weighted Average to calculate the weighted average of an incoming data field. A weighted average is similar to a common average, but instead of all records contributing equally to the average, the idea of weight means some records contribute more than others.

Configure the Tool

  1. Value Field (Numeric): Use the dropdown to select the numeric field that contains the data to return the Weighted Average.

  2. Weight Field (Numeric): Use the dropdown list to select the numeric field that contains the weight to calculate the weighted average. When all records have the same weight the returned value is a common average.

  3. Output Field Name: Enter the desired output field name for the calculated Weighted Average.

  4. Grouping Fields (Optional): This is an optional setting. You can elect to specify a grouping field and the weighted average will be calculated for each group of values in the data stream.