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Icon for the Image Profile Tool Image Profile

Use Image Profile to extract helpful information from images. The information includes base data, like the image's size and number of channels; Exif data, which is metadata; and a summary of helpful metrics for each channel in the images, like the total number of pixels.

Alteryx Intelligence Suite Required

This tool is part of Alteryx Intelligence Suite. Intelligence Suite requires a separate license and add-on installer to Designer. After you install Designer, install Intelligence Suite and start your free trial.

Tool Components

Image Profile has 2 anchors:

  • I anchor: Use this anchor to input the images you want to profile.

  • O anchor: Use this anchor to pass the images you've profiled, as well as their profile information, downstream.

Configure the Tool

To use this tool...

  1. Drag the tool onto the canvas.

  2. Select the column that has the image you want to create a profile for.

  3. Choose what profiles to create. You can Select All profiles or Only Include Selected Profiles.

  4. Run the workflow.

Profile Options

Image Profile can create 3 profiles: Base, Exif, and Summary. If you select Select All, the tool creates all 3 profiles. If you select Only Include Selected Profiles, the tool creates only the profiles you select.


The Base profile includes...

  • Mode: Mode

  • Width: Width

  • Height: Height

  • Channels: Number of Channels

  • Min_Value and Max_Value: Min and Max Pixels of Channels

  • Most_Freq_Color_RGB and Most_Freq_Color_Hex: RGB and Hex Values for the Most Prevalent Color

  • Dark_Pixel_count: Number of Pixels in the Dark Range (0–30)

  • Bright_Pixel_count: Number of Pixels in the Bright Range (220–255)


The Exif profile includes...

  • Exif: Exif as a JSON String

  • GPS Information (If Available)

    • Latitude: Latitude Coordinates

    • Longitude: Longitude Coordinates

    • Altitude: Altitude

    • Speed: Speed

    • SpeedRef: SpeedRef ("K" means kilometers per hour, "M" means miles per hour, and "N" means knots.)

    • Track: Track

    • TrackRef: TrackRef ("T" means true direction, and "M" means magnetic direction.)

    • TimeStamp: Timestamp (Coordinated Universal Time. Format: YYYY:MM:DD.)


The Summary profile includes...

  • Pixel_Count: Total Pixels

  • Pixel_Sum: Sum of Pixels per Channel

  • Pixel_Squared_Sum: Squared Sum of Pixels per Channel

  • Pixel_Mean: Mean Pixel Level per Channel

  • Pixel_Median: Median Pixel Level per Channel

  • Root_Mean_Square: Root Mean Square per Channel

  • Pixel_Variances: Variance per Channel

  • Pixel_Std_Deviation: Standard Deviation per Channel