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Data Investigation

Magnifying glass over a rain drop and umbrella symbol

The Association Analysis tool determines which fields in a database have a bivariate association.

Basic Data Profile Tool Icon

The Basic Data Profile tool analyzes data and provides metadata for each column (field) of data.

Contingency Table Tool Icon

Contingency Table tool looks at up to four variables/fields and how they relate to each other.

Distribution Analysis Tool Icon

Fit one or more distributions to the input data and compare them based on Goodness-of-Fit* statistic

Field Summary Tool Icon

The Field Summary tool analyzes data and creates a summary report containing descriptive statistics.

Frequency Table Tool Icon

The Frequency Table tool helps the user understand the contents of their data.

Heat Plot Tool Icon

The Heat Plot tool uses a heat plot color map to show the joint distribution of two variables.

Histogram Tool Icon

The tool provides a histogram for empirical cumulative distribution of a single numeric field.

Importance Weights Tool Icon

The Importance Weight tool provides methods for selecting variables to use in a predictive model.

Pearson Correlation Tool Icon

The Pearson Correlation tool uses the PMCC to measure the correlation between two variables.

Plot of Means Tool Icon

Takes a numeric field with a categorical field and plots the mean for each of the categories.

Scatterplot Tool Icon

The Scatterplot tool makes enhanced scatterplots, with more options.

Spearman Correlation Tool Icon

The tool assesses how well a monotonic function could describe the relationship between variables.

Violin Plot Tool Icon

The tool shows a numeric variable's distribution, density of the distribution and density of values.