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Prepare for Migration


Supported upgrade paths to version 2022.3 are from version 2021.2 onwards. We recommend upgrading to 2021.2, 2021.3, 2021.4 or 2022.1 before upgrading to 2022.3 and later.

Before you upgrade, we highly recommend you run the pre-upgrade checks and make a backup copy of your Mongo database and the RuntimeSettings.xml.

The encryption performed during the maintenance window is not reversible, so the backup protects your installation from additional downtime or data loss if something goes wrong during the upgrade.

Run Pre-Upgrade Checks

Complete the pre-upgrade checks in order to help minimize the risk of errors during this schema migration process. You can find details on how to get the health check workflow at Alteryx Server: Pre-Upgrade Checks.

Back Up MongoDB

We also strongly recommend taking a full backup of your Mongo database in case you need to revert to the previous version of Server for any reason. Instructions on how to take a backup can be found at MongoDB Backups.

Back Up RuntimeSettings.XML

Back up your RuntimeSettings.xml.