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Licensing & Downloads Portal API


If you are new to APIs, visit the Get Started with APIs help page.

Access Licensing & Downloads Portal API Reference Docs

The complete reference documentation for all Licensing & Downloads portal API endpoints is available in Swagger.

There are 2 places in the Licensing & Downloads portal UI where you can access the API Reference documentation.

  1. Select your user icon in the top toolbar and select API Documentation.

  2. Select your user icon and select API Access. You can find links to the API documentation at the end of the page.

You can also access the API reference documentation for the Licensing & Downloads Portal API at this URL:

Request API Access Token

To interact with the API endpoints, you need to first request an access token from the API Access page. Select Generate tokens to generate access and refresh tokens.


The access token expires after 60 minutes. Use the refresh token to generate a new access token before you make a new call.