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Jobs Endpoints

Jobs Endpoints and Parameters

Retrieve Details about a Specific Job

To learn more about the objects relations and how to use them in the API, go to the Object Relations section.

For more information about jobs, visit the Jobs: Admin Interface help page.

Retrieve Details about a Specific Job

To retrieve details about an existing job and its current state, use the GET {baseURL}/v3/jobs/{jobId} endpoint. Use various parameters to filter the jobs you want to display.


Only app workflows can be used.


  • jobId (string): Required. Enter the Job ID for which you want to display details.

  • includeMessages (boolean): Optional. Can be left without a value. You can choose from the following values: ‘true’ and ‘false’. If this parameter is set to ‘false’, then a reduced object will be returned. When not specified, the ‘true’ value is used.

Request Example: cURL

curl -X GET --header 'Accept: application/json' --header 'Authorization: Bearer 'BearerTokenGoesHere' 'http://localhost/webapi/v3/jobs/635a4be7d27400005f001fec'

Objects Relations

If you want to get information about a specific job, you need a jobId. To obtain this jobId, use the GET {baseURL}/v3/workflows/{workflowId}/jobs endpoint. For more information about this endpoint, see the Workflow Endpoints help page.Workflow Endpoints

Postman Requests

To know more about Postman requests, visit the How to Use Postman help page.