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Blob Convert Tool Icon Blob Convert Tool

One Tool Example

Blob Convert has a One Tool Example. Go to Sample Workflows to learn how to access this and many other examples directly in Alteryx Designer.

Use Blob Convert to take different data types and either convert them to a Binary Large OBject (BLOB) or take a Blob and convert it to a different data type.

BLOB data types are often used to store images, audio, and other multimedia files and objects in a single, standardized format for simplified database management. They are a frequent file type in Alteryx Designer.

Configure the Tool

Conversion mode: Choose the type of conversion to perform:

  • Convert From a Blob Field

  • Convert To a Blob Field

Based on your selection, other options are available and listed below.

Convert from a Blob

Convert From a Blob field: Takes an incoming Blob and converts it to another data type.

  1. Blob Field: Use the dropdown list to select the data field that contains the Blob data to be converted.

  2. Specify a data type to convert the Blob to:

    • Convert to Base64 Encoded Binary Data

    • Convert to HEX Encoded Binary Data

    • Blob is Text Encoded with a Code Page: Select which code page the blob was encoded with. Go to Code Pages for more information.

    • Output MD5 Hash of Binary Data

    • Output SHA256 Hash of Binary Data

    • Convert PNG, GIF or JPG Blob to Report Snippet: Choose this option to allow the Reporting tools to recognize the incoming images as report snippets for building reports.

Convert to a Blob

Convert to a Blob Field: Takes incoming data and converts it to a Blob.

  1. String Field: Use the list to select the data field that will be converted to a Blob.

  2. Specify the type of data contained within the specified field:

    • Field is Base64 Encoded Binary Data

    • Field is HEX Encoded Binary Data

    • Put Text Data Into a Blob with Code Page: Select the Code Page to use when encoding the blob.