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Download and Use Predictive Tools


The R version was upgraded to 4.2.3 from 4.1.3 in Patch 2023.1.1.200. Go to CRAN to find out what is new in R. Follow this guide to download and install the new version to make use of custom R code in Designer. The new version lets you continue to download R packages from CRAN.

Please refer to the Version Support Policy page for information on the R version that is included with each Alteryx Designer version.Version Support Policy

The predictive tools include all tools in the Predictive category. The default installation of Alteryx Designer does not include all predictive tools. To install the entire set of predictive tools, you must download and install the predictive tools separately from Alteryx Designer. For an overview of the Predictive tools, see this video.

You must download and install Designer before you can download the predictive tools.

Admin Versus Non-Admin Installation

Options for installation include admin and non-admin. Generally, the admin installation applies to all users on a machine, whereas the non-admin installation does not.

  • If you use the admin version of Alteryx Designer, you need the admin installation of the predictive tools.

  • If you use the non-admin version of Alteryx Designer, you need the non-admin installation of the predictive tools.

Go to Product Activation and Licensing Help for more information about product installation.


Download the predictive tools from the Alteryx Licensing & Downloads portal.

  1. Sign in to the Alteryx Licensing & Downloads portal.

  2. In the Product Downloads area, select Alteryx Designer.

  3. Select your version of Alteryx Designer and select Next.

  4. On the Preference page, select Download of either Alteryx Predictive Tools (Admin version) or Alteryx Predictive Tools (Non-Admin version).

Alteryx downloads the file to the default download folder for your machine.


Double-click the installation file to open it. Accept the default configuration or select an activation option.


To use predictive tools...

  1. Launch Designer.

  2. Select Predictive on the Tool Palette.

  3. Drag a tool from the Predictive Tool Palette onto the workflow canvas to begin building a workflow.

New to Predictive Tools?

A good way to get started is to use these resources: