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Apache Spark Code Tool Icon

Create an Apache Spark context and execute Apache Spark commands directly from Alteryx Designer.

API Output Tool Icon

Display a data stream in the Results window as a comma-delimited, quote-qualified string.

Base64 Encoder Tool Icon

Issue a base 64 encoded string for a selected string field.

Blob Convert Tool Icon

Convert different data types to a Blob, or take a Blob and convert it to a different data type.

Blob Input Tool Icon

Read a Blob such as an image by browsing directly to a file or passing a list of files to read.

Blob Output Tool Icon

Write out each record into its own file.

Block Until Done Tool Icon

This tool stops datasets from going downstream until the last record is processed by previous tools

Control Container Tool Icon

Use Control Containers to manage the sequence in which tools run in your workflow and ensure that the steps in your process are executed in the correct order.

Detour End Tool Image

The Detour End tool unifies the data processes from an upstream Detour Tool into a single stream for further analysis in Analytic Apps and Macros.

Detour Tool Icon

Construct Analytic Apps or Macros to prompt a user to bypass a process in a workflow

Download Tool Icon

Retrieves data from a specified URL to be used in downstream processing or to be saved to a file.

Dynamic Input Tool

The Dynamic Input tool reads from an input database at runtime and dynamically chooses what records are read in.

Dynamic Rename tool

The Dynamic Rename tool renames columns within an input data stream.

Dynamic Replace tool

The Dynamic Replace tool allows you to quickly replace data field values, based on a condition.

Dynamic Select Tool Icon

The Dynamic Select tool allows fields to be selected either by field type or via a formula.


Use Expect Equal to test if two data streams are identical and report errors if not.

Field Info Tool Icon

The Field Info tool returns metadata about each field or column from the incoming data stream.


Use GitHub Commit to commit a file, directory of files, or the workflow it's used in, to a GitHub repository via the GitHub API.


Use Get Last Commit to pull the details of the last commit to a specified GitHub repository.

JSON Parse tool

The JSON Parse tool separates Java Script Object Notation text into a table schema for the purpose of downstream processing.


Use the License API tool to connect to the Alteryx Designer licensing portal APIs via an easy-to-use interface.

Message tool

The Message tool allows you to report messages about a specific process to the Results window.

Python tool

Develop and run Python scripts with an interactive Jupyter notebook.

Designer R tool

The R tool is a code editor for R users.

Run Command tool

The Run Command tool allows you to run external command programs within Designer.

Runner Tool Icon

Use Runner to run an Alteryx workflow, app, or macro to determine if it runs successfully or if it contains errors.

Server API Tool Icon

Use the Server API tool to interact with the Server API (v1, v2, and v3) without the need to write a complex workflow.

Test Tool

The Test tool verifies data or processes in a workflow.

Throttle Tool Icon

The Throttle tool slows down the speed of downstream processing by limiting the number of records.