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Salesforce Wave Output Tool Icon Salesforce Wave Output Tool


The Salesforce Wave Output tool is deprecated.

The Salesforce Wave Output tool publishes data from an Alteryx workflow as a dataset in Wave Analytics.

This tool requires that your Salesforce account is “API Enabled”. Contact your Salesforce administrator for assistance with granting your account API user permissions.


This tool is not automatically installed with Alteryx Designer. To use this tool, download it from the Alteryx Analytics Gallery.

Tool Configuration

Select and configure a write option, and then run your workflow to write data to a specified dataset using the Wave Analytics External Data API. See External Data API Limits.

Salesforce Credentials

Enter the username, password, and security token associated with your Salesforce account. To reset your security token, see the Salesforce Help.

Write Options

  • Create New Dataset: Creates a new dataset with a specified name. (The dataset name cannot start with a number.) Associate the dataset with a shared app to provide others access to it. If you do not specify an app, the dataset is associated with My Private App.

  • Overwrite Existing Dataset: Overwrites the selected dataset with new data. App associations remain intact.

  • Append to Existing Dataset: Appends new data to the selected dataset. (Field names and metadata must match the existing dataset.) App associations remain intact.

Applying Row-level Security to a Dataset

Each write option allows you to apply row-level security to restrict access to records within a dataset. To filter specific records, specify a security predicate following the same syntax as with the Wave Analytics web interface. Double quotations in strings are escaped automatically.

Field Name Restrictions

To avoid errors when publishing data to Salesforce Wave, field names:

  • Must be unique across all fields within the dataset

  • Must begin with a letter

  • Can contain only alphanumeric and underscore characters

  • Cannot contain two consecutive underscore characters, except when ending with “__c” (case-sensitive)

  • Cannot end with an underscore

Data Type Considerations

  • Do not use Blob and SpatialObj field types in your workflow, as they cannot be output to Salesforce.

  • Empty numeric fields are replaced with a default value of 0.

  • Double and Float data types are given a precision value of seven. Use the FixedDecimal data type to specify a precision value.