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End of Life Insights FAQ

With the 2024.1 release, the Insight tool has reached end of life and is no longer available in Alteryx Server.

What can you expect to happen with assets that contain Insights? How will this change impact other functionality within Server? To give you answers to the most common questions, we have prepared this document.


The removal of Insights in 2024.1 should not affect the upgrade process. The service should start without any errors and all workflows including those with Insights should be visible in Server UI. However, any Insight will no longer be rendered in Server UI.

Schedules containing Insights will continue to run successfully. There will be no impact on the designated date and time of when the schedule should run.

All assets containing Insights that are shared via a collection will continue to behave in the same way as assets without Insights. However, no Insights will be rendered in Server UI.

Apps containing Insights will continue to execute successfully. However, no Insights will be rendered as an output of the app.

All macro functionality will remain the same on Server 2024.1.

You will be able to publish a workflow containing an Insight from an older version of Designer to Server 2024.1. The workflow will successfully run on Server, however the Insight will not render in Server UI.

When transferring ownership of an asset that contains Insights, no Insight related errors should occur. The transfer should run successfully for both workflows and schedules.

The workflow will be published and will continue to run on the Server. However, no Insights will be rendered in Server UI.

The new version of the workflow would continue to successfully run on Server, however, the Insights will not be rendered in the Server UI.

Most functionality can be replicated via our Reporting tools in Designer. For more information, about Reporting tools, go to Reporting.