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Auditlog Endpoint


This help page covers the usage of a Server API endpoint. To get started with the Server API, visit the Server API Overview.API Overview

Server tracks changes to these system entities:

  • AppInfo (Workflow)

  • Collection

  • Credential

  • Subscription

  • User

  • UserGroup

Get Logged Events via the Server API

Any updates to these entities triggers the creation of an AuditEvent record. You can return these records via a public Admin API endpoint.

Audit logs are triggered by the following type of operations (events): Update, Insert, and Delete.


The endpoint for AuditEvents is GET /admin/v1/auditlog/

Required Query Parameters

  • entity: (string) the audit log entity you want to query.

  • page: (int) The page you want to return.

  • pageSize: (int) The number of records you want to return on each page.

The response will be an array of Audit Event records:

[ { "id": "", "entity": "", "entityId": "", "userId": "", "timestamp": "Date", "event": "", "oldValues": "", "newValues": "" } ]

The returned properties are defined below:

  • id: The Audit Event ID.

  • entity: The name of the entity.

  • entityId: The entity ID of the entity.

  • userId: The ID of the user who modified the entity.

  • timestamp: Date and Time of when the Audit Event record was created.

  • event: The event which occurred (insert, update, delete).

  • oldValues: The values of the updated properties prior to the update occurring.

  • newValues: The values of the updated properties after the update has occurred.