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Check Box Tool Icon Check Box Tool

One Tool Example

Check Box has a One Tool Example. Go to Sample Workflows to learn how to access this and many other examples directly in Alteryx Designer.

Use Check Box to display a check box option to the end-user in an app or macro. The resulting value, True (checked) or False (unchecked), is passed to downstream tools.

Configure the Tool

  • Enter the text or question to be displayed: This text is presented to the end-user to instruct them on how to use the Check Box control.

  • Default Value: When checked, the check box is selected by default for the end-user.

  • Collapse Group When Deselected: When checked, the end-user only sees the Check Box option by default. Once the end-user checks the check box, the group expands and displays additional text information to the end-user.

To assign a group relationship, use the Up and Down arrows found on the Layout view of the Interface Designer Window. A question that is below a Check Box question becomes nested inside a Check Box Group if it is moved up one time.