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Boosted Model Tool Icon

Boosted Model creates generalized boosted regression models based on Gradient Boosting methods.

Count Regression Tool Icon

Creates a model relating non-negative integer value field to fields expected as predictor variables.

Cross-Validation Tool Icon

Compares the performance of one+ Alteryx-generated predictive models using cross-validation.


Uploads data to the DataRobot machine learning platform that creates predictive models.


Use the DataRobot Predict tool to score data using predictive models generated by DataRobot.

Decision Tree Tool Icon

Creates a set of if-then split rules to optimize model creation criteria.

Forest Model Tool Icon

Creates a model that constructs a set of decision tree models to predict a target variable.

Gamma Regression Tool Icon

Relates a gamma distributed, strictly positive variable of interest to one or more variables.

Lift Chair Tool Icon

Produces a cumulative captured response chart and an incremental response rate chart.

Linear Regression Tool Icon

Creates a model estimating values, or relationships between variables.

Logistic Regression Icon

Creates a model that relates a target binary variable to one or more predictor variables.

Model Coefficients Tool Icon

The Model Coefficients tool creates a table of model coefficient names and values.

Model Comparison Tool Icon

The Model Comparison tool compares the performance of one or more different predictive models.

Naive Bayes Classifier Tool Icon

Creates a probabilistic classification model of a set of predictor and categorical target variables.

Nested Test Tool Icon

Examines whether models are equivalent in terms of their predictive capabilities.

Network Analysis Tool Icon

Generates an interactive dashboard of a network, to explore relationships between the various nodes.

Neural Network Tool Icon

The Neural Network tool creates a feedforward perceptron neural network model with a single hidden layer.

Score Tool

Creates an estimate of a variable by applying an R model to a set of supplied predictor variables.

Spline Model Tool Icon

The Spline Model tool provides the multivariate adaptive regression splines algorithm of Friedman.

Stepwise Tool Icon

Determines the best predictor variables to include in a model from a set of potential variables.

Support Vector Machine Tool Icon

A popular set of supervised learning algorithms.

Survival Analysis Tool Icon

The Survival Analysis tool implements common methods of survival analysis.

Survival Score Tool Icon

The Survival Score tool provides both the estimated relative risk and restricted mean survival time.

Test of Means Tool Icon

Performs a Welch's two sample t-test of the difference in mean values for a numeric response field.

Variance Inflation Factors Tool Icon

The Variance Inflation Factor (VIF) tool produces a coefficient summary report.