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Migrate Schedules to the Server

The Designer Migrations tab of the Schedules page of the Admin interface displays workflow schedules that were scheduled to a controller via Designer. You can migrate these scheduled jobs to your private Server. Each schedule has to be assigned a Server user as the schedule owner.


Schedules that were created to run in the scheduled workflow's original location on disk aren't available for migration. Only schedules that were created to use a copy of a workflow saved to the Scheduler DB are available for migration.

Before migrating schedules to the Server, consider these recommendations:

  • Deleting a schedule on the Designer Migrations tab removes the schedule from the page and deletes it from the controller. Create a back-up of your MongoDB database. Go to the MongoDB Backups help page for more info.

  • If the current Server credentials setting is Require users to enter credentials, scheduled runs will fail after migration. To remedy, migrate the schedules and ask the schedule owners to add credentials. Go to the Credentials help page for more info.

  • Migrate schedules from a single Curator (Server Admin) account at a time.

  • Migrate all schedules for a single workflow at the same time to prevent multiple copies of the workflow from being added to the Server.

  • Migrate schedules at a time when scheduled and ad hoc jobs aren't running because schedule migration is queued after those jobs.

  • Workflows saved as a macro (YXMC) can't be run in the Server, so schedules of those workflows can't be migrated to the Server. However, schedules of workflows containing macros can be migrated to the Server.

To migrate schedules:

  1. Select the Designer Migrations tab.

  2. Select the check box next to 1 or more schedules or select the check box next to Schedules to select all schedules displayed on the current page.

  3. In Search, select or type the name of a Server user to own the selected schedules.

  4. Select Migrate.

Once migrated, a copy of the schedule and a copy of the workflow are saved to the Server. The schedule owner can view a copy of the schedule on the Schedules page of the Server interface and a copy of the workflow in their private studio. If a schedule fails to migrate, check the Server logs to investigate why the failure occurred. Go to Configure and Use Server Logs for more info.