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Allow Users to Create Collections

Curators (Server Admins) have to give users permission to create collections. In Servers that use built-in authentication, you can enable the Create New Collections permission when creating a new user.

If you allow users to register in a built-in authentication Server or are using windows or SAML authentication, follow these steps to enable this permission once users have registered their Server account.

  1. Go to the User Management page in the Server Admin interface.

  2. Select the user.

  3. In the Permissions panel, check the Create New Collections box.


The Create Collections permission was new in version 2019.4. If you upgrade from Server version 2019.3 or earlier to version 2019.4+, this permission is enabled by default for Curators and Artisans created before 2019.4. This prevents unexpected changes to users' ability to create collections. If you want to remove a user's ability to create collections, turn off the Create New Collections permission.