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Activate Using License Server

Use Alteryx License Server to activate an Alteryx product. For administration, visit Install and Use Alteryx License Server.

This topic is for Alteryx License Server. For help with the product, Alteryx Server, go to Alteryx Server Help for Administrators.Administer Alteryx Server

Activate Using License Server

To activate using a License Server...

  1. Open Designer. If the Alteryx Designer Activation window does not open automatically, select Options > Manage Licenses. When the window opens, select Activate New License. For Alteryx Server, if you have no valid licenses, Alteryx displays Install License. Select OK to continue. If this is your 1st time connecting to the Alteryx License Server, please run Designer as Administrator.

  2. Select Activate by License Server. Alteryx displays Manage Products.

  3. In License Server Connectivity, select Connect. Alteryx displays available licenses. If this is the 1st time you have activated Alteryx, enter your email address and the License Server URL. The License Server URL should be appended with the port number and "/request". For example,

  4. Select Activate for each product you want to activate.

  5. Select Close.