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Enable Workflows for Migration

Curators (Server admins) can manage workflow deployments during development and testing phases by migrating workflows from one Server environment to another using a series of endpoints.

Curators can mark a specific workflow for migration on the Workflows page of the Server Admin interface. To do so, select a workflow, and select the Ready to Be Migrated checkbox.

Once you mark workflows for migration, you can then use a series of API endpoints to publish them from the source environment into the appropriate subscription (studio) of the target environment. Go to the Migratable Endpoint documentation.

To enable Server users, including non-admins, to flag workflows for migration on the Workflow Details page of the Server interface, go to the Configuration tab on the Settings page of the Admin interface, enable the Curators Can Flag Workflows for Promotion setting.


If you migrate a workflow that uses a DCM Credential to another Server (such as, from Dev to Prod environment), the workflow continues to use this DCM Credential. The workflow owner must sync their DCM credentials to the destination Server to ensure the DCM Credential is available for the workflow. Failure to do so results in a "Selected Connection is not available." error.