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Save to Server Messages

There are 3 types of messages that can display when you save a workflow to Server: Errors, Warnings, and Restricted Data Messages.


Errors are reported at the tool level and indicate that tool configurations must be fixed before you can save the app to Server. Below are some common examples of error messages and how you can resolve them.

Folder Browse in Server

Browse(7): Browse tools cannot be used as Analytic App outputs.

  • The Folder Browse question type cannot be used in Apps published to the Web. App outputs should write a data file to the app directory. We recommend writing data files to *.yxdb format and reporting output to a *.pcxml file. These file types offer the most flexibility to app users because upon viewing app results, the user has the option to output to any supported data file type or reporting file type. They can also view a preview of reporting output.

Render Output in Server

Render(8): The Output Mode in the Render tool must be set to "Choose a Specific Output File".

  • Configure the Render tool to output a specific file rather than a temporary one.

Absolute Paths in Server

Render(9): C:\test.pcxml is outside the workflow directory

  • For all output files, type the file name and the extension so they are written to the same directory as the app itself: test.pcxml.


Warnings are reported at the tool level and indicate an app is not able to be run in Server unless granted an exemption.

Email(10): The Email tool is prohibited in the Analytics Gallery.

Restricted Data Messages

Restricted data messages are reported at the tool level and indicate that datasets used in the app are not available for use in the Alteryx Analytics Gallery. You can publish apps with restricted data to a Private Studio. A Restricted Data Message looks like this:

Allocate Input (12): The "ALTERYX_US_Experian_12A_12B" Dataset cannot be shared in the Public Gallery.