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Radio Button Tool Icon Radio Button Tool

One Tool Example

Radio Button has a One Tool Example. Go to Sample Workflows to learn how to access this and many other examples directly in Alteryx Designer.

Use Radio Button to display a radio button for an end-user to select in an application or macro. To create a list of options, use multiple Radio Button tools. End-users select one radio button at a time.

Configure the Tool

  • Enter the text or question to be displayed: Instructional text displayed to the end-user.

  • Default Value: Select to set this radio button as the default selection. If you have multiple radio buttons in a group and you do not set a default, Alteryx assigns the default to the first radio button. If you set more than one default, Alteryx assigns the default to the last radio button in the group.

  • Collapse Group when Deselected: Select to collapse the label when the end-user selects another button.